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Gary Dubin, Family

You know those televised NFL and college football and baseball games that glue many of us obsessively to a screen for hours on end? Orchestrating the behind-the-scene magic of these shows was at one time Gary's job. As a TV sports producer, first for WTTG-Channel 5 of Washington and then for USA Network in New York and New Jersey, Gary was indeed among the lucky few who actually have fun making a living. 

"From the moment we hit the air, it was my show," says Gary, describing the anatomy of broadcast production. Once his selected team reached their location, Gary's task was to provide focus to the activity of camera crew, audio technicians, announcers, and the show's director, helping them hammer out pre-game and half-time segments, determine which topics to feature, which players to interview, and which game plays to summarize as highlights. "You really get caught up in this stuff," adds Gary. Pointing out that every production is a "composite effort," Gary is quick to acknowledge that he worked with outstanding people whose ideas and opinions he respected and appreciated.  

A Washington native and graduate of the University of Maryland, Gary climbed the professional ladder the traditional way, starting with an internship at WTTG that led to an associate producer position. On the basis of some innovative freelance work for the USA Network, he landed an interview with the company president and was quickly hired. The rest, as they say, is history. Gary traveled all over the country and world, befriended sports legends, and had experiences you read about in books.

As a resident of the Hebrew Home, Gary is visited regularly by an adoring family, but it is his sister Eileen "Cookie" Gross who takes him off on weekly outings to sports events, museums, Wolf Trap, local fairs and festivals, restaurants, and anything else that looks interesting and presents an opportunity to engage with the community---including the Home's annual Home Run.

Seated in his comfortable room where the walls are decorated with family portraits, Ansel Adams photos, and some amazing shots of scenic beauty that he himself took as an amateur photographer with a gift for composition, Gary speaks enthusiastically about stories of the past, observations, and the aspects of life that give him the most pleasure today. His easy smile, wide knowledge, and cheerfulness accompany an open invitation to come back soon for another great conversation.


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