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Meet Dena

A Talented Linguist

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When Dena studied at Barnard College in the 1940s, she developed a passion for languages—specifically French and Spanish. She excelled in both, and upon graduation landed a position as a translator for the Medical Film Guild, located in New York City. Assigned to a department that produced films used by physicians and hospitals for medical meetings, courses, training, and other instructional purposes, Dena built a career translating English scripts into French and Spanish. She continued this challenging work until retirement. 

Dena and her husband Bill, a furniture representative, enjoyed a wonderful 25-year marriage, during which they raised a daughter, Janie, and three sons - Peter, Todd, and Jonathan.

When Dena moved to the Hebrew Home in late 2007 to benefit from round-the-clock care, she immediately began to make friends and participate in Recreation Therapy offerings. In art classes led by our artist-in-residence, she created vibrant paintings, one of which, a hummingbird hovering over flowers, garnered an award and is now displayed in her room. Dena also participates in the Wasserman chorus group (she's an avid singer), plays Bingo, dominoes, Trivia and word games, and is a member of the Red Hat Ladies Club in the Wasserman residence. One of her main pleasures is attending weekly entertainment events organized for our residents.

Visited frequently by her family, whose photos adorn her walls, Dena is vivacious, cheerful, and looks forward to every day. 



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