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Meet Lucille Kligerman

A Life in the Art World of Mexico

Lucille Kligerman

What an eventful life Lucille Kligerman, now 95, has enjoyed! Lucille became a resident of the Hebrew Home in 2011 after moving to the area from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to be close to her son and receive the long-term care she now requires. As she describes her experiences while turning the pages of a photo album, her gorgeous blue eyes sparkle.

Lucille was born in 1917 in Hartford, Connecticut and was raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has delightful memories of soft ocean breezes cooling her as she walked to and from school along the Boardwalk. In 1940 she married William Kline and together they had two daughters. Sadly, this very wonderful and much loved husband perished in a plane crash in 1947.

In 1949, Lucille fell in love with and married Josh Kligerman, who, having served four years in the Pacific with the United States Navy, was now employed in his family's business, Kligerman Dairies. Seeking fresh ways to expand his horizons and pursue a keen interest in art, he and Lucille moved their young family, which now included a son, to Florida in the early 1960s. There, Josh ultimately landed a position with Gulf American Land Corporation, helping the company purchase artwork in Europe, Israel and Mexico for an important collection. Recognizing that his growing passion for the art scene in Mexico could lead to fresh opportunities, Josh made the decision to relocate the family to Mexico. Five years later the Josh Kligerman Art Gallery opened in San Miguel de Allende.

In her album, Lucille points out the artists who became their friends and the paintings and sculpture they collected and sold to devoted gallery patrons. She also describes her own love of painting, which she pursued for 60 years, and as she speaks, she sweeps her hand to the richly colored oil paintings that adorn the walls of her room.

It's a unique joy to spend time visiting with Lucille, whose wide-ranging interests, including challenging bridge games, current events, keeping up with friendships, and, of course, art, are as vital to her today as they have been over her long and fascinating lifetime.    


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